Am I responsible for a repair or is the Association?

It depends on the issue. Check this list prepared by our Attorney to determine Resident vs. HOA responsibilities.

Can I have two satellite dishes installed?

There is nothing in our Rules and Regulations that prohibit this, however we feel that the look of two satellites does not favor the community. Again, as long as the installation follows the guidelines in the Rules and Regulations it will be allowed.

Can I install my satellite dish on my roof?

No, the satellite dish must be installed per the Rules and Regulations. Installing on the roof voids our roofing warranties and could pose a leak threat.

Can the board dictate the color of a screen door?

This is from an article from Mark Pearlstein who has helped us in legal matters in the past.

Q. While I reside in the northern suburbs, I own a condominium in Arizona. Recently, I received a letter from the managing agent of the Arizona association stating that we had to paint the newly installed screen storm doors in one of two colors.

Is it within the power of the board to require that doors be of a certain color? Screen doors have been maintained by the association as a common element.

A. Yes. A condominium board can regulate the exterior appearance of the homes. From the association's letter, it appears that doors are equivalent to limited common elements; portions of the common elements under the exclusive control of an individual owner. The board can require unit owners to bear the costs of maintaining a uniform appearance on this portion of the common elements.

Can we plant our own plants?

We encourage our members to come up with ideas on how to better the look of our community. However, if there is to be a change to the master landscaping plan we ask that you get board approval. If you submit your request to our management company, the board will usually get your request for approval quite quickly. The board will approve such matters without having to be at an association meeting because it does not require a vote.

It is important that you seek board approval before making any changes because if the changes are made and they do not get approved, you will be asked at your own expense to undo the changes made.

Please refer to your Rules and Regulations for more information.

Do I need to register my pets?

Yes. Fill out and return Attachment D in the Rules and Regulations document.

Does the Board get paid?

Our services are free and all members volunteer their time and services.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Requests for a Certificate of Insurance need to be made directly to Chaucer Insurance Company in writing, and faxed to (847) 681-8772 or emailed to chaucer@chaucerinsurancegroup.com.

How many "For Sale" signs can I post?

You are allowed 1 sign. Anymore than one you will be fined according to the Rules and Regulations.

Placing a sign at the entry to Gregg's Landing South is not allowed according to the GLS declarations, you will be fined by the GLS master association if for sale signs placed along Museum Blvd or at the entry at Museum and Lakeview.

How often is seal coating done at Pinehurst?

We budget to have the driveways seal coated every other year.

Is garbage collected after a major holiday?

If any of the following holidays fall on a Monday or Tuesday, our regular garbage pickup day (Tuesday) will be delayed by one day:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day

Additional details regarding garbage pickup is available at Advanced Disposal.

Is there a difference between condo and townhome Rules and Regulations?

The rules and laws for Condo associations are different then townhome owners. Usually a townhome association will fall under HOA (Homeowner association) rules and regulations and laws. Common areas are usually defined differently and association responsibilities differ. Ask our management company any questions you may have about townhome associations rules and regulations in Illinois.

What is the procedure for satellite dish installs?

The village of Vernon Hills requires a building permit to install a satellite dish anywhere in Vernon Hills. This is to insure proper installation occurs because some satellite installers may take shortcuts and not properly ground the dish being installed. If lightning strikes and the satellite dish is not grounded it will conduct lighting and may cause a fire.

Once you get the permit contact our management company and request Board permission to install. The board has made a blanket approval of "yes" for all installs as long as they follow the installation guidelines set in the Rules and Regulations.

Once you have notified our management company and get the OK, you may have your installer make the installation. Once the install is done you will have to make an appointment to have the village inspect the installation and then you will get your deposit back if the install meets code.

When are association meetings held?

There are 4 Pinehurst association meetings a year. There normally is a meeting every three months. At the beginning of each year there is a mailing that will have the dates of when and where the meetings will occur. Look at the association website for dates.

Where can I get a copy of the Rules and Regulations?

If you have lost or never received a copy of the Rules and Regulations you may obtain a copy from our Management company or you may get a copy from the Pinehurst website.

What items can be put in our recycle bins?

For an entire list of what IS and IS not accepted in Lake County, please take a moment to review the Local Curbside Recycling Guidelines. These guidelines will help you recycle first and right by showing you what is and is not acceptable in your curbside recycling container, as well as what to do with those trickier items, such as caps, labels, and plastic bags.